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The terms "We,Us,Our,it,"refers to Ozmerce and its owners .While " You,Your," refers to users.

Content Agreement

1) By using Ozmerce Services,you are advised to not post,import anything that is copyrighted unless you are authorized to do so.

2)Using our services in a way that is promoting illegal,fraudulent,Sexual content for oneself or for others is prohibited, and you are warned not to do so.

4)Including external links in your content is not allowed unless you are authorized to do so.

5)Do not write,mention anything that is harming others or offending them.

6)Your content should not include anything that is against the law or organizations,party,team,group etc.

Interaction disclaimer

You accept that Ozmerce is not responsible for the following:

1)Facebook,Instagram,Youtube and others is third party. They can make changes anytime,which can results in loss ,damage and issues in connectivity.

3)Banned by thirdparty due to misuse or other activity.

4)Third party accounts loss or disabled due to failed attempt or after successful attempt with Ozmerce.com.


I consent that i read the following terms :

1)We use  Paypal payment gateway for Online purchases of our packages, standard charges may apply.

2)Money is not refundable after 30 days of purchase .

3)You are entitled with 30 days refund policy. i.e Risk free.

4)We use payment gateway like all other online buisiness does , every transaction might not be successful.However, we can guarantee you 99.9% success rate.

Termination Rights

We have the rights to terminate your account if we detect violation of our T&C.

We have rights to terminate and freeze your account if your account is not renewed by a period of time.

Reservation of Rights

Ozmerce reserve the right to access your account,monitor your account for security,maintenance and support.

Ozmerce reserve the rights to not be responsible because of loss,damage,harm,spam,scam,and other illegal activites done by Users who break our Terms&Conditions.


Ozmerce  uses SSL and best security it can apply. However, Any method in internet Transaction and Web server can not be 100% safe and accurate and will not be responsible  for sudden termination of accounts,damages and loses that rarely accurs.

 Any packages bought will not be refundable.


After you are"Warned,Advised,Told," to not do so, you accept the risk and penalty that might come over you.

The word "Prohibit,Restrict,Do not" including all its grammatical form means You are not allowed.

"Not Allowed" refers to "Prohibit,Restrict".

We might be updating our terms and conditions in the future, you are advised to review the changes made.